Sessler is the only original personality from ZDTV remaining on the network, surviving the network's progression from ZDTV (1998-2001) to TechTV (2001-2004), and subsequent transition to G4. Sessler is one of only six TechTV personalities, including Morgan Webb, Sarah Lane, Kevin Rose, Chi-Lan Lieu, and Brendan Moran, to survive the massive layoffs resulting from the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV, though now he and Webb are the only two of those six hosts still on G4 today.

In addition to co-hosting X-Play, Sessler also appears semi-regularly on Attack of the Show! as a video game correspondent.

On April 1, 2005, Sessler confused many by announcing he was leaving X-Play to host a late night talk show on G4 entitled Meet the Sess. A trailer of the new show aired on X-Play, showing Sessler verbally and physically abusing his guests until they released information about upcoming video games. Despite being extremely over-the-top and obviously fake, many viewers began flooding the G4 forums asking when the show would air and if Sessler was really leaving X-Play. Sessler has since publicly announced on several occasions that the show was in fact an April Fool's Day joke. But he does have a segment called "Sessler's Soapbox" and "Adam vs. Adam" where he discusses video game politics.

In 2005, a man posing as Sessler made the web-site The man fooled several web users into believing he was Sessler by answering questions regarding Morgan Webb and his opinion of video games. G4 ordered a cease and desist of the website's identity theft of Sessler. In response, the man responsible for the web-site has removed most information relating to Sessler and converted it to a personal blog.