Butler graduated from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL. She became the head writer of G4's flagship television program X-Play. Although she identifies herself as a writer/producer, her work as a stand-up comedian, including being featured on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, opened the way for her to work on-camera.

During her years with X-Play, she participated in the show's re-occurring sketches and themes in the role of the "Drunk Writer", a female writer who wears oversized shades and a t-shirt with the words "I Need Drink" and can always be seen with a bottle of liquor ("Rot Gut") and an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth. (Butler does not smoke in real life.)

She was later given her own segment called Fresh Ink on Attack of the Show! where she critiqued comic books, reviewing the newest issues of comic books with her recommendation on whether to "buy", "browse", or "burn" them. Starting in 2007, the Fresh Ink segment has evolved into Blair recommending good comics and collectibles from various comic stores in the L.A. area.

Blair Butler interviews Bender.Butler has an online segment on the G4 website called "Geek Out" where she examines various things from geek culture.

She co-hosted X-Play on certain weeks when one of the co-hosts was absent:

Filled in for Adam Sessler as co-host for X-Play for the week of May 22, 2006. Filled in for Morgan Webb as co-host for X-Play for the weeks of August 28, 2006 and September 4, 2006. While Webb was absent, Butler reviewed games in addition to co-hosting. She hosted the show's birthday special for Adam Sessler during this period. Filled in for Olivia Munn as co-host for Attack of the Show on January 31, 2008 and on February 27, 2008. During the holidays, Butler was a regular host on G4's podcast "Around the Net" which showcases videos from the internet.

Blair has her own website