Dave is Jerry's best friend and partner at Gameavision. He is the less intelligent of the two, though he sometimes demonstrates a philosophical ability about the nature of man-though this rarely happens. He is almost always high on drugs or extremely drunk, and a regular patron at The Purple Nipple strip club.

His side of the office is extremely messy, his computer looks like he barfed on it (which is likely), and in the episode Stonervision, he reveals that he apparently turned it into a bomb. The computer itself is rarely used for programming, usually Dave uses it to look at porn. He has posters on his side of the office, one being a centerfold wearing a bikini, the other for the band Rush. When it freezes, Dave humps it to make it work again.

Dave is very sexual, to the point at which in the episode IPO, he demonstrates his "mighty thrust" for the intern Wendy, and even gets a free soda, after which Wendy agrees to go out with him.