Jerry is one of the protagonists on the G4tv show Code Monkeys, and Dave's best friend. He is the more intelligent one of the two, and is usually cleaning up after one of his schemes.

Jerry's side of the office shared by him and Dave is the cleaner side with an organizing shelf which Dave has passed out on at least once, and a good computer.

Jerry has also been known to go berserk or insane when Dave pushes him into a situation, for example, in the episode E.T., because they have to pull a second all-nighter in a row, Dave and Benny force him to eat Pixy Sticks, causing an insane sugar rush during which Jerry resembles Rambo.

In the episode IPO, Dave drags Jerry to The Purple Nipple strip club, where he forces Jerry to buy himself a lap dance, and Jerry has trouble letting go of the $20 he's holding. Once the whore gets his $20, she lap dances for him, and Jerry's face gets a close up, where his eyes turn heart-shaped and fill with red, and he exclaims that now he finally understands. Later, when Dave goes to pick up Jerry at his apartment so he can save the company, he finds Jerry stoned and drunk on his couch, with dead whores in his SUV and his house filled with hookers. Jerry, under the influence, exclaims joyously that he loves them all (or loved), and that the best part is that they love him for him, not his money (an obvious false).


  • E.T. In real life, this is still the worst game ever made. Jerry co-made it with Dave after Dave gave him a false summary of the movie because he used the money to go to The Purple Nipple instead.
  • Big Ass Dolphin This is one of Jerry's games that wasn't ever mentioned after showing.